Sigrid Slotboom

Iksi Beauty

Very happy with my new website!

After starting off with a different web developer (who didn't do a very good job) I asked Barbara to help me out. She quickly mastered the theme in detail and taught me how to use it. She dotted the i's on the design and I crossed the t's on the content.

Thank you again!

Mirjam Waaijer

Waaijer Psychologie

Regularly I get clients who browse the internet looking for a psychology practice. They tell me the website is crucial in choosing one and that's why they pick me.

So put that one in your pipe and smoke it!!!

Mieke Bijl

Vrijwilligers Centrale Utrecht

Barbara has donated a WordPress training to the Volunteer Centre Utrecht. During the two-part course she taught six volunteers to manage content and technically maintain the website of their (starting) organisations.

The trainees were enthousiastic and considered the training as very useful, extremely informative, short but powerful, complex matter was explained concisely and overall enlightening.

Thank you Barbara for your effort and sharing your expertise!

Hans Zock

Waaijer Psychologie

Barbara made a website for Mirjam, working as a psychologist. We made a logo available, together with draft contents text and basic colour ideas. Together with Barbara we challenged all this, from which she designed the website, reviewed the result with her and improved it with her constructive and our comments.

Communications with Barbara during website development were very professional and pleasant, also during a couple of sessions in which she explained how the website was working and how to maintain it best.

Thanks Barbara, you did a great job!

Mirjam Waaijer

Waaijer Psychologie

I am very happy with my new website which Barbara made for my practice. The collaboration was pleasant and professional. The communication about my ideas and wishes for the website was excellent.

During the instruction lessons - after Barbara delivered the website - she explained clearly and patiently how to adjust and maintain the website.

Barbara, thank you again for my beautiful website. A good and pretty piece of work.