Your old website

An old-fashioned, html-hard-coded website. Which takes for ever to load, let alone get updated by a 3rd party.

The old way

You want a new text on the home page. So you call your web company to explain how and where you want it.

The first thing they do is put you on-hold, while they type out their quote for just picking up the phone. Let alone the hours they quote for updating a piece of text on a single page.

A text you still have to deliver and get corrected beforehand.

Your new website

More and more small organisations and freelancers maintain their own website. Redesign yours and start managing your own content.

The Flying Dutchess way

Since you deliver the content, why not upload and format it yourself? With WordPress this becomes very easy.

After I have developed your website, I’ll teach you how to do it on your own.

You write, you post, whenever you like and without interference.

No need to waste time on calls, explanations or money, just DIY!