What's in a name

Before I tell you, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Barbara Hertogs and I'm from the Netherlands, born and raised in the Southern town of Bergen op Zoom.
How does Hertogs become dutchess?

I'll explain: Hertog means duke in English. And Hertogs is freely translated into 'from the duke', most likely referring to his offspring. Being Dutch and a the daughter of a duke (by name) this forms Dutchess.
Flying refers to a number of things:

First of all, it refers to my international work experience with ING Bank in Brussels, Belgium. And with Air France / KLM in Nice, France. Furthermore, KLM flew me to Kenya, where I worked as a volunteer early 2012.

Secondly, my travel experience. Growing up, the family travelled through Europe a lot. After I graduated I started to push the boundaries. Of far far away nations. Thus flying.

Thirdly, I like contributing my knowledge and expertise to all sorts of organisations anywhere in the world. The world is at armís reach and flying is the way to go.

I can be there in a day!

Last but not least, I 'fly' like a plane: I'm not bound to frontiers. I don't see barriers, just opportunities. I'm fast and I work efficiently too.

All together this makes me the:

Flying Dutchess

And combined this is a reference - with a wink - to Anthony Fokker. Fokker was a Dutch airplane builder from the early 20th century, who was nicknamed the Flying Dutchman.

And guess where part of his company was based? Yes, just outside Bergen op Zoom!
Barbara Hertogs