In 1978 a baby girl came into the world.

This girl promptly turned out to be an auto-didact, teaching herself to read. Growing up she developed all sorts of creative and technological skills. Putting them to good use when she travelled to Kenya, building her first website for a local charity.

Today still she DIYs and teaches others how to become indepent web editors.

If you want to replace your old website.
If you don’t feel like creating your own website.
If you want to be able to manage your content.

Maybe you can hire the ... Flying Dutchess

I design and develop your website.

And I’ll teach you how to manage your content or web shop.

Why WordPress? Because it’s quick to setup and user-friendly to maintain.

Why a training? So you can do it yourself!


Personal training

I teach my clients to build and maintain their websites by themselves.

From installation, configuration, format and uploading content, all the way through to technical maintenance.

The choice in colours and fonts is endless. How will the look and feel be of your website? And how will it effect your visitors?

While advising clients about the style and imagery, some of them asked me to help out creating their logo and icons.


In addition to web design and training, I can assist with freshening up or creating new imagery for your website and social media.

Sigrid Slotboom

Iksi Beauty

Very happy with my new website!

After starting off with a different web developer (who didn't do a very good job) I asked Barbara to help me out. She quickly mastered the theme in detail and taught me how to use it. She dotted the i's on the design and I crossed the t's on the content.

Thank you again!